Azuline Hotels Group reopen its hotel in Ibiza, and FEMAR, technical maintenance company, is in charge of checking facilities conditions

A peerless location at San Antonio

servicio técnico de mantenimiento en Ibiza

One of the most emblematic hotels of Azuline Group, Bergantín Hotel in Ibiza, reopens its doors one season more, and they have count on FEMAR for getting ready its hotel facilities. 

The group, with more than 20 years of work experience in the tourism industry, offers everything necessary to make the holiday an extraordinary experience, whether with family or partner.

Facing a turquoise sea, it is no worder that this impressive hotel is always in high demand.

Hotel and restaurant client service is the priority and the reason why guests from around the world come back to Azuline Bergantín.

Technical inspections prior to opening

asistencia técnica y mantenimiento de instalaciones en Azuline Hotels

Azuline Hotels trust in FEMAR technical support service for hotel facilities inspection prior to opening.

FEMAR is responsible of checking, turning on and confirming the correct operation of ventilation and air conditioner systems, as well as industrial cooling systems such as refrigeration and freezing chambers.

Also, FEMAR team check kitchen and cafeteria equipment to guarantee that everything works perfectly and at full performance.

Regulations and certifications.

FEMAR confirm compliance with all the requirements of the current quality, safety and environmental regulations.

FEMAR professionals are trained and certified to comply with:

  • Building Thermal Installations Regulations (RITE),
  • Security Regulations for Plants and Refrigeration Facilities (RSIF),
  • Technical Regulation for the Distribution and Use of Gaseous Fuels (ITC-ICG 09),
  • Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulation (REBT)
  • F-Gas Regulation.


FEMAR offer integral maintenance services to companies.

Established in Ibiza 40 years ago, FEMAR counts on three divisions of business: Technical Assistance Service, Projects, and Sustainability.

FEMAR´s leadership is based on excellence and professionalism of the service.

It is thanks to FEMAR´s spirit of innovation and continual improvement along its history, that the company has been able to adapt itself to successfully meet the changing market demands.

Today, FEMAR is acclaimed by the personal and specialised relationship with clients, and by its range of services and solutions founded on principles such as efficiency and | |971 314 678s


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